Parish Nurse

Aware of the need for specialized care providers brought about in part by todays complex and continuously changing medical scene, and the resurfacing of heighten interest in holistic health, Darlene Hostetter,a member at State Line United Methodist Church with many years of experience on the nursing staff at Waynesboro Hospital, was commissioned by the Church as the Parish Nurse. She thus becomes a staff member offering pastoral health care to individuals, families, groups and the congregation as a whole. The ministry has emerged from the understanding that Christ's mission of healing belongs to the health care community, Church community, and the neighborhood. Services are provided free.

Services Of Our Parish Nurse

Health Counselor

A Dream Realized

Darlene is quick to say that the extensive training she received through Lutheran Social Services to become a Parish Nurse not only served to increased her qualifications to respond to the many needs relevant to total health care today but that it also served to help her realize a long held dream: to be able to directly serve God through her vocation in a way that is immediate and practical benefits to others. We are especially thankful to have Darlene's many gifts ministering to the community as part of the Pastoral team.

In addition to her duties at Waynesboro Hospital, she and her husband Dale make their home here in State Line where both are also active in other ways within the church.